SDCFOA Information Update 5-26-22

CIF Contract – I am sad to report that the CIF’s process did not include any meaningful negotiations.  A committee of administrators and athletic directors met and used a “mean average” of 4 other sections, and presented us with their results, offering us a $2 raise in year 1, and a $1 raise in year two.  In essence, given the cost-of-living increases and the increase in the cost of gas, we will be receiving even less than before.  After objecting, they improved the offer to $3 year one, and $2 year two.  Most of you have heard that the Southern Section is getting a $51 raise over the next three years.  We’re getting $5?  And we’re better!  As a result, the SDCFOA Board has asked a committee to look at how we can save our members money given that there is no negotiating process in place.  The committee has analyzed the meeting schedule and proposing a significant reduction to the number of in-person meetings, thus reducing your travel and time commitment.  We are looking at 3 in-person meetings prior to the season starting, plus the banquet.  All others would be via zoom as we did during Covid.  We are also proposing the elimination of all donated services to school, including working scrimmages for free.  Scrimmages will require payment of a game fee.  Recently we’ve had officials travel across the county during rush hour, to a scrimmage where we find out two teams have cancelled and then we have two crews and the remaining teams shorten the scrimmage to a few series to prevent Covid or injury due to low numbers.  We will no longer be subjected to that treatment without payment.  More on this sad subject soon as we wait for the Draft on Saturday June 4th!
Channel Coast Officials Association Instructional Session on Zoom - Next Tuesday, May 31st at 6:30pm the Channel Coast Football Officials Association will be hosting an optional instructional session, Fouls During a Change of Possession.  We’ll first hear from our guest speaker, Michael Mothershed…Michael is a Pac-12 Referee and has been inducted into the San Diego County Officials Hall of Fame. He officiated the 2006 National Championship between Florida and Ohio State, a total of 18 Bowl games and 4 Pac-12 Championship games. More on Michael’s impressive career below.  Michael will be discussing crew dynamics, pre-game discussions, coaches discussion and a couple other topics, as well as taking questions from the group.
Zoom Link:

Michael Mothershed Bio
Michael began his officiating football career in 1985 with the San Diego County Football Officials Association where he worked Pop Warner and High School football games. During his years with the association, he worked two San Diego County CIF Championship games.
In 1990, he began working Junior College/Division II football games and in 1995 he was appointed to the PAC-10 Conference as a Side Judge. In 2001, Michael briefly worked as a Field Judge in the short lived XFL before injuring his quad tendons.
Michael was assigned to officiate the 2006 BCS National Championship game between Florida and Ohio State.  In 2014, Michael was chosen to be a PAC-12 Referee. To date Michael has been assigned to eighteen Bowl Games and four PAC-12 Championship games.
Michael had the opportunity to represent NCAA football officials at the NCAA Football Rules Committee meeting in Indianapolis, IN for 2017 and 2018. In 2017.
Greg Truex, CCFOA Instructional Chair
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