SDCFOA Information Update 6-17-22

Summer Study for Rules and Mechanics – Below are the links for the summer study questions for both rules and mechanics.  You have the option of learning via the full tests, or via the quick quizzes, or both!  When officials ask, what is the best way to prepare for the qualification exams, I always answer: Read the rule book, case book, mechanics book and take the summer study exams.  Believe me, you will be prepared for the tests.  PS. Copies of these questions will be provided in the instructional packets you get at our first meeting Wednesday July 6th at Mira Mesa High School Theater.  The meeting starts at 7:00pm and kits are available starting at 6:00pm.
2022 SDCFOA Rules Summer Study – All 75 Questions
2022 SDCFOA Rules Summer Study – Quick Quiz (10 questions each time)
2022 SDCFOA Mechanics Summer Study – All 100 Questions
2022 SDCFOA Mechanics Summer Study – Quick Quiz (10 questions each time)
Scrimmages – Due to the lack of a meaningful raise in the fees we receive ($3 this year and $2 next year does not reflect cost of living increases and gas prices spiking), we are working to the contract and attempting to save our officials personal expenses related to officiating.  For that reason we will not be traveling to scrimmages (gas money and getting off of work early) in order to provide free services.  If you have a scrimmage assigned, you will see game fees listed.  There may be a few exceptions, like the clinics for 1st and 2nd year officials which are critical to their being certified and ready for game assignments at the proper levels.  The tentative dates for those clinics are:
Thursday 8/11 at Del Norte High School
            2:30 – 6:00 1st Year Officials
            6:30 – 8:00 2nd Year Officials (1st Year may stay and observe)
Friday 8/12 at Francis Parker High School
            7:00 pm 1st Year Officials and 2nd Year Officials working on opposite sides for the 50-yard line as it is a 4-team scrimmage.  Both levels working at the same time.
Reminders – Now….is the time to check your uniform and game equipment.  Vender information is on our website at And get out and stretch and move.  Now…is the time to “up” your fitness program.  No injuries this year due to lack of fitness!  OKAY?