Weekly Bull 10/12/22


General Meeting This Week - All 2nd year and certified officials are asked to attend this Wednesday’s Zoom meeting 10/13 so that our members can see and hear from those who are running for the Board.  1st year officials will meet with their instructors via their own zoom meeting.  Ed Zapolski will explain the voting system we will use this year, and will introduce each candidate who will have a moment to introduce themselves and share why they are a good candidate for our board.  Following these introductions I will review the Bull, Calibration plays, and Instructional Video as time permits.  We will end this General Meeting at 7:00pm. 
SDCFOA General Meeting on Zoom (all but 1st year officials are asked to attend)
Oct 12, 2022 6:00 PM
Meeting ID: 815 1218 3786
Passcode: 230443
One tap mobile - +16694449171
Thunder and Lightning – Thank you Crew Chiefs for knowing and implementing the thunder and lightning protocol (found in the back of the NFHS Rule Book) last Thursday night.  As much as it was distracting, and potentially dangerous, we got through it without much trouble.  Thank you!
Catch/Muff/Fumble - Good time for all BJs and LJs to review catch/muff/fumble and first touching.  Catch – we’re slow to rule so as not to blow an inadvertent whistle.  Be patient to let the returner an opportunity to complete the catch process before whistling the play dead.  Muff – the ball is live, kick has not ended, and either team can recover (kickers may not advance).  Fumble – kick has ended, either team may recover and advance.
First Touching – The whole crew must be aware of this rule and properly determine that the kick has not ended, R can advance after 1st touching, bean bag indicates the spot of first touching (unless K has blocked or pushed R into the ball).  R has the right to take the ball at the spot of first touching unless R has fouled after first touching or a penalty is accepted for any foul committed during the down.
Halftime and Post-Game Crew Debrief – Thank you for being disciplined with these two important tasks.  The halftime list (it’s in our mechanics manual on page 90) leads us to consider all important elements of your first half’s work.  Not utilizing this list can lead to a very narrow discussion of one or two plays, rather than all of the elements we’ve been working with.  Post-game we can discuss the second half in the same way, plus begin our self-evaluation process and goal setting for next week.  It also prepares us for our honest video review for the game.  This week I received a list of plays where several personal fouls, away from the play, were not penalized.  I sent my analysis to the head coach and contacted the crew.  As I spoke to one of the crew members, he immediately stated that the crew had discussed those personal fouls that they didn’t see until it was too late and made it a priority for the video review.  Now that’s a professional crew!
Honest Video Review – So now that crew must honestly view the video to see where their focus was at the time these personal fouls occurred.  On one of the plays, I observed 4 or 5 of the officials watching the runner and the blocks in front of the runner.  It will be easy for this crew to make the necessary adjustments as they are not being defensive, rather they are being accepting of the challenge to get even better as a crew!
CIF Championship Crews – These assignments are being developed as of this Bull.  If you are selected to work at playoff game, you will need to pay attention to future Bulls that give you details relative to your assignment.  We’re entering the next phase of the season…league championships and CIF Playoffs.  Step it up!
Banquet Stories – Our Banquet will be on November 2nd and we need stories.  See Bob Hood or email him your video or story of our fun-loving mistakes from the 2021 season.  We need a few more!!  Also, remember to attend the banquet as you’ve already paid for your dinner with your 2021 registration!
Banquet Raffle Prizes – If you have access to some cool stuff for our raffle at the banquet, please consider donating it.  All raffle proceeds go to our Association operating budget and help keep our annual dues down.  And thank you, in advance, for the crew donations to the raffle.  Winning a crew gift makes the banquet an even more special event!
Golf Tournament – This year’s golf tournament will take place on Wednesday, November 2nd at Admiral Baker GC.  Shotgun start tentative for 12:00 noon.  $125 covers golf and cart.  $145 gets you that plus drink tickets and a chance to win lots of great prizes at the raffle.  You can enter a group or play as an individual.  Golfers of all abilities and their guests are welcome.  Raffle prize donations are also encouraged and appreciated.  Register at www.sdyouthfootballfund.org. or contact Ed Blick, Mike Downing, or Mike Gunzelman with questions.  The flyer is attached.
Game Check Weekend is This Weekend – October 14-17.   Crew chiefs get your crews organized for this important effort.  We do so many great things with this fund.  Let’s keep last year’s momentum going.  The crew with the highest crew contribution will be getting a free dinner after the last regular season game.  You can go to sdyouthfootballfund.org for more information or to actually donate, we are all set up.  You can also contact Mike Downing for additional information, docdowning@aol.com or text/phone at 619-888-6430. 

Weekly Bull 10 12 22
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