Weekly Bull 11/2/22

Golf Tourney – The 2022 SDCFOA Golf Classic Benefitting the San Diego Youth Football Fund will take place this Wednesday, November 2 at Admiral Baker Golf Course.  Tee time is 12:00 noon, so please give yourself plenty of time to arrive, check-in, and “warm up” prior to tee-off.  Thank you and congratulations to all of you for playing this year.  We have a total of 91 golfers…a NEW RECORD for our tournament!  The awards ceremony will follow the tournament on the patio at Admiral Baker.  The banquet will follow in the banquet room at Admiral Baker…same location as the gold tournament.  See you all on Wednesday!
Banquet – Our banquet will be this Wednesday, November 2nd at 6:00 pm at The Admiral Baker Golf Course in Mission Valley off of Friars Rd..  Make sure you attend because you’ve already paid for your dinner.  And don’t forget to send in any stories you may have to Bob Hood!
It’s Playoff Time – I don’t need to say any more than it’s playoff time!  Huge games.  One team advances and one team’s season ends.  We must respect that.  Prepare extensively for this game.  Be cohesive as a crew.  Trust your crewmate.  Do your job!!!  Remember, you earned this assignment; our assignor has faith in you and your work.  Don’t let him or the Association down.  More importantly, don’t let the players, teams or the game down!  Be professional, demonstrate presence.  And have fun!!!!
Wilson Football Must Be Used in All Playoff Rounds – Teams may use any Wilson football of their choice, but they must use a Wilson football in all playoff games this year.  The Wilson football must be in use throughout the game (not just on kick offs)
Playoff Game Fees – The CIF-SDS will pay the officials for all Playoff contests.  Payment will be done via Arbiter Pay.
2022 Football Officials Playoff Fees
Preliminary Rounds
Referee                        1@$95.00                              
Other Officials           4 @$93.00     
Semifinal Rounds
Referee                        1@$95.00                  
Other Officials           6 @$93.00     
Championships         7@$105.00   
Chain Crew & Timer Semifinals    3 @$46.00     
Championships                                 3 @$51.00       
Accommodations For Officials - Coaches and Athletic Directors are asked to continue their efforts to provide professional assistance to officials who work their games. This would include meeting the officials upon arrival and escorting them to their dressing area as well as escorting them off the field at the contest’s conclusion.  School  personnel other than the head coach should be designated to stand by with a key to the official’s room, or the officials should be given a key. On-site staff should be aware of and observe the privacy of the officials’ locker room/dressing area.  Thank you for your cooperation.
Split Crews – Starting this year, if an Imperial Valley school makes it to the semifinals or finals, there will be a split crew.  If the home team is an Imperial Valley school, they will have four members of the 7-member crew.  If the San Diego school is the home team, then we will have the majority of the officials.
Film – I’m doing the best I can to get film during the playoffs but the teams are no longer required to add their games to their League Pools.  So, if I’m successful, you will get a film.  If not, then no film.  I will encourage teams to share with us so we can evaluate our efforts, mechanics and judgments.  Wish me luck!
Entry to CIF Playoff Games – Please note that our SDCFOA Association Pass is not good for any playoff games.  If you are assisting a crew, then you must enter the facility/field with the crew.  Do not go to the gate and ask for entrance because you are an official.  This will not work and is an embarrassment to our Association.  For crews, timers and chain crews  that are working the finals, credentials will be provided through your crew chief.
Ejections – If a player is disqualified during a playoff game, the same reporting requirements exist.  Please notify Steve Coover if an ejection occurs during your game and enter it into the CIF Ejection Manager.
Weekly Instructional Video – I will continue to send a Weekly Instructional Video for the next few weeks.  It is a quick way to share ideas and officiating concepts and principles…and I hope fun to watch.  I hope you will continue to watch games live during the playoffs if you’re not assigned.  Come out and support your fellow officials as they work these extremely important games!  You will always learn something new and useful.  See you at the games!
7-Person Mechanics Workshop Wednesday November 16th at 7:00 pm on Zoom – This is a mandatory meeting for all officials who are assigned a 7-man semifinal or 7-man final.  Chain crew members and timers do not attend.  The 8-Man finals crew is excused from attending this meeting.  Our 7-Man Mechanics Manual is posted on our website and a copy is attached to this Weekly Bull. 
 Stephen Coover is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
7-Person Mechanics Workshop
Nov 16, 2022 7:00 PM
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 824 8072 8129
Passcode: 094094

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25-Yard line Overtime Procedure – We had an exciting overtime game this weekend.  Brush up on the procedures so you are fully prepared.  A copy of the overtime is attached.
Players Equipment Being Worn Properly – Please continue to implement this pre-game process.  Note all violations and have the umpire and referee present it to the head coach for his information.  We are doing well in this area with only a couple of exceptions on the PPR.  Keep it up so our teams will be comfortable with it as they get to the semifinals and finals!  I’ve included the Equipment Card in this Bulletin.
Unsportsmanlike Conduct Fouls – Taunting and excessive celebrations are two of the most common UNS fouls.  Please continue to penalize these acts if warranted.  Posing, spinning the ball, standing over an opponent, or slapping “high fives” while running for a touchdown cannot be ignored.  The game deserves the very best in competition and in sportsmanship!

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