Weekly Bull 11/23/22

Play Off Notes from Observers - Establish/Reinforce standards and expectations for exceptional Crew Performance:
Discuss Scouting Report (in detail) and Establish Points of Emphasis
Focus On Basic Mechanics, especially penalty enforcements!
Coordinate Mechanics and Vision (Coverage)
Set Crew Goals!
Do Not Be Overly Technical! Don’t go searching for fouls, the CLEAR AND OBVIOUS will be clear and obvious!
BJ - Kickoff – Do not permit the kicker to bring the ball in.  Back judge obtains the ball after coming up the sideline of the scoring team. crews establish a procedure for getting the ball to the back judge. Wilson ball only. Back judge, do not hand the ball to the kicker until both teams have 11 players in position
Deep Officials - Look for work. Accordion In and Back Out.  Be “in the picture frame.”  Cover Flags. Understand EVERY penalty enforcement.
Referee – Rehearse your announcement in your penalty enforcement discussion with Umpire and Calling Official.  Get your crew to report their fouls in the same manner, and sequence, you will be using when you announce the foul.
CIF Playoffs – Reduced Price Ticket Links – Thank you to the CIF for offering $10 tickets for the games this Friday and Saturday.  Here is the schedule of games.  PS If you buy one ticket for the early game on Friday at Southwestern College, or Saturday at Escondido, you’ll only need the one ticket as you can stay in our VIP area while they clear the stadium.  Thus you get the old price of $5 per game.
Friday Division 6 at Escondido HS. - Mike Allen Referee – 7:30 pm Fallbrook vs Palo Verde
Friday Division 3 at Southwestern College – Robin House - 2:00 pm University City vs Pt. Loma
Friday Division 1 at Southwestern College – Greg Covington – 7:30 pm Mater Dei vs Mission Hills
Saturday Division 5 at Escondido HS – Mitch Villalpando – 2:00 pm Crawford vs Classical Academy
Saturday Division 2 at Escondido HS – Jacob Wittler – 7:30 pm Granite Hills vs Ramona
Division 6
Escondido High School

Division 4
Escondido High School

Division 5
Escondido High School

Division 2
Escondido High School

Division 3
Southwestern College

Division 1
Southwestern College
College Playoff Assignments - Congratulations to the following:
Justin Joseph – D2 2nd round game - Colorado School of Mines vs Minnesota State University 
Jace Carlson (Referee), Tony Shaw, and Parker Anderson – D3 2nd round game Linfield vs Bethel University
JC Bowl Game Assignments – Kyle Takeo, Ben Boccoli, Ed Zapolski (Referee), Greg Covington, and Domicus Perdue.
JC State Playoffs – SoCal Semifinals – Both Referees are from San Diego: David Garza and Brian Mills plus Corey Butts.
CIF Semifinals Crews – The feedback from schools and coaches has been extremely positive!  We’ve had a great playoff so far and a huge “Thank You!” to Tom Ables for creating such great crews in all divisions.  Now we move on to the big Friday/Saturday CIF San Diego Section Championships.
How Can We Get Even Better? – Three things come to mind:
First, stay in shape or improve our conditioning. 
Second, reflect on your season.  Then list a few items that you can work on. 
Third, get into the rule book.  Studying the rule book is time consuming, and the off season provides us with the time to “dig into” the rule and case books.
How Can the Association Get Better? – We will be offering an on-line survey over the holidays.  Take a moment to give us some constructive feedback.  How we do business changes each and every year based upon the consensus of good ideas.  Whether it be the work of the board, or the officers (secretary, treasurer, instructional chair, or assignors) this is your opportunity to share your thoughts about how we can improve.  Thank you!
Congratulations on a Great Season SDCFOA! – As we finish up the CIF San Diego Section playoffs this Friday and Saturday, it is a good time to congratulate everyone and thank you all for making the 2022 season a great one!  We all worked hard and prepared each week to go out and do our best for our fellow crewmates, the teams, the game itself, and for the fun!  This is not just a paycheck but a chance to be a part of a great group of friends and colleagues, working in synch to officiate the game in the absolute best interest of a fair game…and we even get paid!  What a blessing!  See you in 2023!

Weekly Bull 11 23 22
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