2022 Pop Warner Rules

West Coast Conference Pop Warner Special Rules 2022
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West Coast Conference Pop Warner Special Rules 2022
Updated August 26, 2022
All tackle divisions
• NO TIES – all games must have a Winner!
– Ties will be broken in all tackle divisions using the “Ten Yard Overtime Procedure” as outlined in the local National Federation High School Rules, except the ball shall be placed on the 10-yard line instead of the 20.
– Reminder: Pop Warner kicks for 2 points and regular plays are 1 point.
So, third overtime MUST kick at all levels.
• Blocking and Tackling Restrictions:
– See NFHS Rulebook: no butt blocking, chop blocking, clipping, face tackling or spearing techniques are permitted in Pop Warner
– There is no free blocking zone on the field in Pop Warner (This is from the National Pop Warner Rule Book)
 • Mouth Guards must have a keeper strap and be attached to helmet face mask at all times.
– There is no color requirement or elimination.
Any time a team goes up by 28 points or more, the following will occur:
1. The official clock will become a running clock immediately when the 28th point is scored and once started can only be stopped for injury of a player or at the discretion of a referee. (In other words, a time out by either team may not be recognized). It cannot revert to a game clock operation for the remainder of the game.
a. If at any point during the remainder of the game the point difference drops below 28, the clock will continue running however regular rules would apply.
2. There will be No Blitzing by either team
3. There shall be No Kickoffs by either team.
a. The losing team is awarded the ball at the 40-yard line of the winning team, and normal play resumes, with no restrictions, (i.e., not required to run inside the tackles) 1st and 10.
b. If the losing team scores, the ball is placed on the 20-yard line of the winning team, and normal play resumes, with no restrictions, (i.e., not required to run inside the tackles) 1st and 10
4. The winning defense team cannot advance a fumble or pass interception. The ball is blown dead immediately. The winning offense starts play from this point.
5 thru 8 - Pop Warner administers – Just be aware of the rules
5. The winning team shall make every effort to replace starting players with reserves.
6. Any coach who employs types of plays without the intent to maximize the action of play or to avoid scorings shall be in violation of this rule (such as kneeling other than to end the game, running out of bounds, running the opposite direction).
7. The teams are still required to complete the mandatory play rule
8. If either Head Coach has a complaint/issue–remind them to document on MPR form which they sign after the game.
FOR 8U/9U/10U AND 11U:
• No Kickoffs - To start the game, half, after a TD, field goal or safety the ball will be placed on the 35-yard line.
 • Offensive and Defensive linemen MUST be in a 2-pt. stance.
FOR 8U and 9U ONLY
• Coaches on Field
– Coaches on offense will be at or behind the referee and must be a minimum of five (5) yards behind the deepest offensive player. Defensive coaches must be a minimum of 10-yards behind the Line of Scrimmage. Coaches may not read the offense or defense and make adjustments to their players position pre-snap or during play
• Players on Field
• No more than six (6) defensive players can be on the line of scrimmage
• Not allowed to lineup over the Center (warning first time, then 15-yard penalty)
• LB 3 yards from scrimmage
• CB 5 yards from scrimmage
• Safety 7 yards from scrimmage
• There is NO BLITZING. A defensive player that is not on the line of scrimmage, when the ball is snapped, cannot cross the line of scrimmage. With the exception of an end on either side of the line may cross to box in. Once the play develops, he may then pursue the play
• There is NO rushing of punts, field goals or point after touchdown attempts
 Punt option:  A coach my opt to call punt at the completion of 3rd down and the ball will be advanced 25 yards in the direction the Offense is advancing, where the ball is then turned over to the defense.
– If the ball is at or within the 40-yard line of the opponent, the punt option is no longer available, you may either actually punt or run a play from scrimmage.