Crew Chief Meeting 3/3/21

Crew Chief Meeting 3-3-21

"The best way to move beyond an error or omission in judgement, or a distraction from the crew, a head coach, or the crowd, is to get back into your pre-snap mechanics!" - Steve Coover
With that being said, let's get back into our "regular" weekly routine:

1) The Bull comes out on Monday/Tuesday

2) The Instructional Video and Calibration Plays come out on Tuesday/Wednesday

3) Crew Chief Meeting on Wednesday (you have the schedule)

4) Crew midweek meetings via zoom or phone; individually and collectively

5) Crew goes over all of the information and instructional materials midweek

6) Final Pregame Meeting via email, zoom, phone and/or on the field

7) Work the game!  "The two-three hours of the game are why we do all of this work!  It's the fun of the game that makes all of this work worthwhile." - Michael Carey (paraphrased by Coov)

8) Halftime Checklist - teach the guys what to expect and be disciplined

8) Postgame Checklist - start the crew evaluation process

9) Game film comes out and cutups are created and reviewed midweek.

The cycle repeats and builds upon itself!

Agenda for Wed. Crew Chief Meeting:

  1. The Weekly Bull (including game-day protocols & review of new rules)

  2. No meeting the 17th - that week is your week to institutionalize the preparation and improvement cycle above

  3. NFHS Kickoff Mechanics - Proposed Optional Pilot - Carlson and Coover - approved by the Board pending crew chief approval (see attached NFHS Free Kick Mechanics)

  4. Instructional Video - short

5 Calibration Plays - just a few

Crew Chief Meeting 3 3 21
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