Information Update 5/31/24

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SDCFOA Information Update - Steve Coover - May 31, 2024

The Draft – Tomorrow/Saturday at 10:00 am at Maranatha Christian Schools.  Only Crew Chiefs attend.  The draft will take approximately 2+ hours ending after 12:00 noon.
Am I Eligible to be Drafted? – If you’ve finished the first-year and second-year classes PLUS paid your registration dues by May 15th, you are on the board to be drafted.  Transfers are automatically placed into the second-year class and once they’ve finished the second year class with Don Carey, and paid by May 15th, then they are also up on the board.
Who’s Not Eligible to be drafted? – All brand new, first year officials, all second year officials (who completed their first year last year, and those who have not paid by May 15th are ineligible and will not be on the board for the draft.
How will I know That I’ve been Drafted? – Soon after the end of the draft, every crew chief will make phone calls to each of their draftees and notify them of their being drafted by the crew chief.  If you do not receive such a call, then you have not been drafted.
Will I Still Be Able to Work Varsity Games if I’m Not Drafted? – ABSOLUTELY.  Each week Tom Ables, our Assignor, will need to create a few crews to work varsity games.  In addition, officials on crews have emergencies, or injuries where a substitute is needed.   Keep yourself available for all of these opportunities by keeping your availability in Arbiter up to date!  Officials from 1st-year, 2nd-year and all certified officials are eligible to work varsity based upon skill level as determined by our Assignor with feedback from referees!
What Is the Eligibility to Work the Other Levels of Football? – You must have paid your registration (deadline for all officials is July 31st), you must be ready to be assigned in Arbiter (account is active and current), and you are attending classes.  First and second-year officials war most definitely eligible for all levels beneath varsity football.  You are eligible to be assigned youth games, girls flag football games (if you inform Tom Ables that you are interested), Frosh games and JV games.
So, get your body and mind ready for some football!  Fitness routine NOW!  Healthy diet, cardio plus strength.  Study the rule book!  Study Guide will be coming out soon via testing app.  Get ready SDCFOA. - Steve