Information Update 7/14/23

Hi All,

Attached is the official rules interpretations from the NFHS.  The first deals with the inaccurate use of the term "Succeeding Spot" on running plays ending beyond the LOS and the foul occurring beyond the LOS and beyond the end of the run, or related runs.  This document contains three plays which will clarify the the term "Succeeding Spot" should be replaced with the phrase, "end of the run, or related runs."

We will discuss this further at the July 29th NASO Officiate California Day in Riverside.

PS - The use of the term "Basic Spot" may some day soon be eliminated and replaced with the term "Enforcement Spot" as the term "Basic Spot" is now being used a bit inaccurately by our membership and can be a bit confusing.  Stay tuned as this may be addressed next year in the NFHS Rules Committee.

The final play in this document clarifies that an illegal blocking foul during a PAT/FG would be a foul behind the LOS by Team A and thus would be enforced from the succeeding spot.

Finally, I've attached one of the slides in the PowerPoint that is incorrect and is similar to the discussion in the first paragraph of this email.  I'm sure some of your best rules people have already discovered that error.  It has been corrected in the slide below.  I believe it is slide #20 in the full presentation.  You can find it. - Steve

SDCFOA Information Update 7 14 23
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2023 NFHS Football Rules Interpretations
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