Weekly Bull 5/31/23


The Draft is this Saturday!  Good luck to all.  But if you don't get selected at this time, please know that we will be making up crews weekly so be prepared to show your best work each time you go out on the field!
Attached is the meeting schedule for 2023.  It's also on the website.  Get it onto your calendar.  We will be meeting in-person at Mira Mesa High School.
I've condensed the NFHS PowerPoint so that it can be emailed.  I deleted the editorial sections and the advertising.  
Reminder: NASO Officiate California Day - Saturday, July 29th Riverside Convention Center.  In conjunction with the NASO Annual Conference starting 7/30. https://www.cifstate.org/officials/OCD23
June Referee Magazine also highlights and discusses the NFHS New Rules for 2023.  

Good luck this season! - Steve Coover, Instructional Chair


SDCFOA Weekly Bull 5 31 23
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2023 NFHS Football Rules Power Point
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