List of SDCFOA Schools and Wireless Microphone Systems

List Of SDCFOA Schools And Wireless Microphone Systems
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Site Mic Works Connection Power Outlet Sens/AFout Settings Notes
Army and Navy Yes XLR
Bishop's Yes XLR See La Jolla Notes
Bonita Vista Probably At Southwestern College. Should work. (College guys use one for Southwestern games)
Borrego Springs
Calvary Christian
Calvin Christian Yes XLR Plug into north speaker on home team sideline, Port 1. Easy on-field access, has independant volume control. (Rob)
Canyon Hills
Carlsbad Yes XLR or Aux -21, -6 AV guy by the student DJ can connect to DJ or house speakers (better), or in pressbox. The XLR plug in the field by 20YL wasnt optimal. Rob used PB.
Castle Park Yes XLR
Cathedral Catholic Yes XLR Use spare top port on left wall in announcer's room (there may be a blue extension cord to plug into). Keep transmitter sensitivty down low to avoid feedback. (Rob)
Christian See Granite Hills
Chula Vista
Classical Academy
Coronado Yes XLR Field level under the stands
Del Norte No School said no to connecting mic
Eastlake Sometimes XLR We had success before, but in 2023 we couldn't get it to work without static (school said others had issues too) (Rob and Ted)
El Cajon Valley Vague recollection we may have made it work?
El Camino Yes XLR Off to side, yes -45, -6 (might try -39, -12 Use the "headset" XLR port under the desk - an XLR extension would be good so reciever can be at window. (Rob)
El Capitan Yes XLR or Aux No -60, NA For special game, they used both ports, so I used a mixer (Rob). Previously had issues with it being too quiet. Lots of feedback, espeically near scoreboard
Escondido Yes XLR -21, -24 Spare port - easy plug in and go (Rob)
Fallbrook Yes XLR -30, NA
Foothills Christian Yes XLR Yes At Jr. Seau. They have a nice set up. They have a mixing board and I plugged into channel 3. (Matt)
Francis Parker
Granite Hills Yes XLR Pressbox or soundboard on field. Granite purchased a system with headpiece for officials without their own system (Ted)
Grossmont 2022 - Pressbox presently condemmed, not sure of audio situation (Rob)
Helix Yes XLR Plug into port 1 left of announcer. May get a bit of static if transmitter is on far side of body from PB. (Rob)
Hilltop Yes XLR Plug into mic 2. There is a circular volume adjustment. Great set up
Hoover Yes XLR In Pressbox -30, -24 On the field, about the 40 yard line (away from clock) - worked great (pressbox can also adjust output volume). Also can use pressbox behind black cabinent
Horizon Prep Maybe? XLR Had an announcer on sideline, so might work (didn't get a chance to ask)
Julian Yes XLR Lots of open spots on their board, works great.
Kearny Yes XLR -42/+6 XLR jack at end of pressbox nearer parking lot. A bit of struggles, but overall worked fairly well (Rob)
La Costa Canyon Yes XLR
La Jolla Yes XLR Port 2 worked well once they turned the volume up - took a bit balancing announcer and us (Rob)
La Jolla Country Day Yes XLR
Lincoln Yes XLR
Madison yes XLR Best if you have a 5 pin XLR adapter. If not you will need to unplug the school's field mic in the back room. It's a pain in the butt.
Mar Vista Probably Used to mic up officials there, so should support, but not tested with our new systems
Maranatha Christian Yes XLR Worked well (Rob)
Mater Dei Yes XLR If DJ is present, use that system vs the press box
Mira Mesa Yes XLR Plug near the announcer mic
Mission Bay Yes XLR
Mission Hills Yes XLR Audio board on back wall. Use port 2 and the AD knows how to setup. Volume should be set now. The outlet at the scorers table doesnt work. (Ted)
Monte Vista Yes Sound guy spent a while, but after digging through board found a good place.
Montgomery Maybe Had a nice board, but had channel issues (likely operator error - will try again next time) (Rob)
Mt. Carmel
Mt. Miguel Yes Mt. Miguel is set up to plug in to the press box or an outlet at the bottom of the bleachers 50-yard line. They also have a mic system that works and Referees can use the Mt. Miguel system as well.
Mountain Empire Yes XLR Good - pressbox inside can't hear and may talk over you, but good for fans (Rob)
Ocean View Christian
Oceanside No AD wont allow it since the "stadium doesnt have the capability"
O'Ferrell Yes XLR
Olympian Yes XLR School provided an XLR extension otherwise receiver wont be in window and doesnt work
Orange Glen Yes XLR Use third port (CD player) on back of sound board (Rob)
Otay Ranch Yes Aux None of the 5 XLR ports worked. Use the existing AUX cable in the audio box to connect receiver. We needed to increase the gain to full volume.
Patrick Henry Yes XLR School supplies a microphone
Pt. Loma No No set up for this yet.
Poway Yes N/A School has an Audio Teca Mic for the Referee. They will not allow you to plug anything into their system.
Ramona Yes XLR We were able to connect in the press box. No interference in Ramona!
Rancho Bernardo Yes XLR
RBV Yes XLR Need splitter if you use pressbox. I used the DJ instead.
St. Augustine Yes XLR AT Mesa College. Saints now provides a mic if you want to use theirs and the DJ will provide. Either way you will use the DJ and hook up into his system. Dont use PB.
St. Joseph Depends on site Use various schools or park
San Diego Yes XLR Use the third XLR. #2 has a lot of feedback (Matt)
SD Jewish Academy Probably? Sideline speakers are used, give it a try if you're going there (assumed they had nothing, so didn't take)
San Marcos Yes Aux Use audio board on back wall. Next to the "Ipod holder"
San Pasqual Yes XLR Port next to scoreboard consule worked well. There is a field level port, but couldn't get it to work.
San Pasqual Academy
San Ysidro
Santa Fe Christian
Santana Maybe with Mixer Only one XLR input - need to try with an active (powered) mixer (passive splitter cable won't work) (Rob)
Scripps Ranch Yes XLR The school has a Shure wireless system set and they use it for events and football games. The system is in the press box. If you use your own system, search for a clear network as I didn't and got a lot of screeching and feedback.
Steele Canyon Yes Need splitter
The Rock
Torrey Pines Yes Matt got to work by scanning new channel, previous people had issues with interference
Tri-City Christian Porbably Didn't think they'd have a sound system, but they seemed to have a decent one, just didn't have mic to try.
University City Yes Aux (w/Splitter) Aux port in wall, need splitter to share with music. Set AF output to near (or at) max to get enough volume. (Rob)
Valhalla Yes Aux (w/Splitter) or XLR (w/mixer) Need to get transmitter sensitivty low and receiver output up to max to get enough volume. Need spliter if they are using a cell phone for music. (Rob)
Valley Center Yes XLR Worked well (spare port), had to turn sensitivy down on transmitter to reduce feedback, especially near VC team bench (Rob)
Victory Christian Not Yet Maybe next they said
Vista Yes XLR Input in middle room (next to announcer room) with seperate volume dial next to port, easy to work with
West Hills Yes XLR
Westview Yes XLR Needs to be plugged into the soundboard (normally locked). May be poor quality.