Weekly Bull 4/12/21

Crew Chief Meeting This Week – Final Crew Chief Meeting is this Wednesday April 14 at 6:00 pm.  Meetings by individual crews will follow at 7:00 pm.  Some suggestions for this week’s study:

  1. Communication with coaches and players
  2. Special enforcements: Free kick out of bounds; kick catch interference; fouls in the end zone (see attached PowerPoint slides for use with your crew if you want).
  3. Be great dead ball officials this week!

Week #6 – This has truly been one of the strangest “seasons” in the history of football.  Our Association will want to memorialize it with something on our website so we can talk about these games well into the future.  Personally, I am looking forward to a “normal” season in 2021 starting with the draft on June 5th.  Meanwhile, this last game will be one for the record book so take time to prepare, reflect and give your “never-to-be-forgotten” crew your best effort possible!  Good luck gentlemen!
Registration for 2021 Is Open – The board, at the suggestion of our treasurer, Tony Sands, has created a balanced budget for the 2021 season with a one-time reduction in fees to $99 for everyone.  We were able to save some usual expenses this season so we can offer the discount to our members.  Registration is now available on the website.  And don’t forget to recruit some new members…you guys bring in the most recruits each year and they tend to be some of our finest officials.  So do it again for 2021!
Payment for Games in Escondido School District – As you may know, the Escondido District payment goes through the district office so if there is a Spring break like this year, there are no employees available to process payment those two weeks.  Be persistent, but you will get paid.  Next year this district will be going to Ref Pay so this will smooth things out starting in August.  Thanks for your patience.
Get the Initial Action – Be a great dead ball official and make sure you see all of the dead ball action and catch the “first act”.  There was a play this week where I think we missed the push by the offensive player which then was followed by the defender landing-late onto the runner.  The defender took advantage of the push to give a little extra to the runner.  Either penalize the first act, or no foul and a warning to both players.  Be great dead ball officials this week!
Fitness in 2021 – Well this season was maybe our worst for fitness across the board…including me.  Let’s all make a commitment right now that under our regular routine, and without COVID, we will get back into our best fitness routine and make fitness our personal goal for 2021!
Forward and Backward Passes – We are getting some great examples of the “off-official” providing a signal (forward or backward) to the official across the field.  Remember, the official farthest away has the best view of the angle of the pass.  And don’t be afraid to shuffle into the backfield prior to, and while giving the signal.  It can help determine the direction and makes you easier to see!  As always, if no help is offered, the near flank must make the judgment on his/her own.
Retirements Announced – Several of our most esteemed officials have announced their retirements:  Mike Weseloh is retiring from the PAC12 after a long and distinguished career full of bi games and glorious memories.  The good news is that Mike has already joined us as a high school official!  He has been filling in on crews and will be with us again in July when we start the 2021 season of high school football.  Bill Hammett and his wife are moving to Prescott Arizona and will be officiating in the Prescott, Sedona, Flagstaff area.  Bill has had a superior career in the SDCFOA and added outstanding leadership through his work as one of our finest crew chiefs.  Brad Yosick is also retiring from division II football after suffering through a number of knee surgeries.  He was one of our all-time great referees who set the standard in the SDCFOA for crew development and the crew concept!  Thank you, gentlemen, for your leadership, quality officiating, and friendship.  You epitomized George Schutte’s motto:  “For the good of the Association!”

Food for Thought:
Play #1 QB drops back into his own endzone and throws an incomplete pass.  Prior to the pass, offensive tackle A77 has dropped back also into the endzone to pass protect where he holds B65 7-yard deep in A’s endzone.  What is the enforcement? 
RULING: Safety.  This is a special enforcement rule.  The holding penalty may be declined by B if that is a better option for Team B.  If the QB had thrown an illegal pass (intentionally grounding) while in his own endzone), then that foul cannot be declined, by rule.  Know the important difference here.
Play #2  B#32 intercepts a pass at his own 10-yard line and begins to run down the sideline of the visiting team on his way to a clear “pick-6”.  While running clear in front of the Team A bench, the head coach sticks his leg out and trips B#32 who fall to the ground at mid-field.  What is the proper enforcement? 
RULING: This a classic example of an Unfair Act which can result in the enforcement of any penalty the referee thinks is fair, including the awarding of a touchdown.  In this case the referee should throw his penalty flag, signal the clock to stop, signal unsportsmanlike penalty on the head coach, and signal his awarding of a touchdown to Team B

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