Weekly Bull 4/30/21

SDCFOA - Happy Friday!  ,Here's hoping you have a great weekend and some info from out Board meeting this week:
1 - The pilot Free Kick mechanics were approved to be used by all crews this season.  We will all use the NFHS Free Kick mechanic which is attached.

2 - First, the following crew chiefs have stepped down since our last full season:

Michael Harvey - retired from officiating

Bill Hammett - retiring to Prescott AZ & will work football there

Blake Morgan - will continue to work on a crew if drafted

Jimmy Chirstensen - will continue to work on a crew if drafted

Clay Reynard Sr. - temporarily retired due to work promotion - hopes to return 

Jace Carlson - Hired into the WAC conference and must step down from HS

The following new crew chiefs were selected - Congratulations!

Mike Andrews

Scott Corso

Bob Flavin

Garrett Haislip

Tony Shaw

Joe Magnuson

And we now welcome the following officials to the SDCFOA Crew Chief Development Program:

Rob Schaerer

Nathan Thernes

Jordan Graves

Glen Inigo

Charlton Lynch

Levi Sumner

Justin Joseph

Congratulations to Jace Carlson and Joe Greene who who were hired into the new Western Athletic Conference (WAC) full timel  Way to represent the SDCFOA!

In January, the NFHS and the NFL hired a senior consultant for high school football to lead the partnership between the NFHS and the NFL. A primary focus on this position is working with football stakeholders across the country to gain a better understanding of the participation and perception trends in high school football. To that end, the NFHS has partnered with UpMetrics to conduct a national research project, which involves the surveying of administrators, athletic directors, coaches, athletes, parents and officials about their experiences in football and the benefits of participation.  Please take approx. 3 minutes to complete the survey at the link provided below.  Thank you.  Your opinions are valued! - Steve 
Click: High School Football Officials Survey to access the survey.
​You can also click this link: https://app.upmetrics.com/data_collector/ckeevzbe2wa2d07372fxsy49d
Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for your participation! - Steve Coover

NFHS Free Kick Mechanics Final 4 25 21
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Bull 4 30 21
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