Weekly Bull 6/30/21

SDCFOA Weekly Bull - 6-30-21

Welcome Back SDCFOA - We are 7 days away from out first meeting.  Here is a reminder of the time and location of the meeting in this email.  Wednesday, July 7th.  7:00 pm.  Carmel Valley Middle School - 3800 Mykonos Lane, San Diego 92130.  I've also attached a draft of the Weekly Bull for next week's in-person meeting.

Have You Recruited One-New Member? - We are closing in on 20 new members but obviously need many more.  Can you help us by recruiting.  This week is the perfect week to do so.  Just tell youir new person to come to the meeting on Wednesday and sign up.  They'll be in our general meeting and in the 1st year classroom that night!!  Do it now, please!  Here is an article from today's Union Tribune newspaper courtesy of the recruting committee.

Officials Needed - The San Diego County Football Officials Association (SDCFOA) is in need of men and women to referee football at all levels for the 2021 season.  Gary Gittelson , Recruiting and Retention Committee Chairman, said the pandemic and the uncertainty surrounding the 2020 season took a toll on recruiting efforts last year with only 10 new members joining instead of the usual 40.  Gittelson said a shortfall of officials could force games to be moved to Thursdays and Saturdays instead of Friday nights.  Anyone interested can contact Gittelson at kidgitt@aol.com or at (760) 729-8935 or (760) 213-8868. Classes for new recruits begin July 7.

July 7 2021
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SDCFOA Weekly Bull 6 30 21
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