Weekly Bull 8/11/21

Meetings This Week – 1st & 2nd year and transfers meet with your class at Mira Mesa High School at 7:00 pm in your same classroom.  Last meeting before scrimmages so attend to make sure you’re getting the latest information from your instructors prior to the scrimmages.
Final Clinic – Scott Campbell BIG 12 referee will share information on communicating with coaches and players.  This information is so important that we’re meeting IN-PERSON (not zoom) at Mira Mesa High School at 7:00 pm in the Theatre.  The Theatre is well marked with a big sign and is located in the middle of the campus so we’ll have access through a gate near our regular classrooms.  Park in the same place and come through the same gate and look for a gate which gets you into the center of the campus and look for the Theatre sign.  Bring something to take notes with so you can jot down those things that make sense to you!
Mira Mesa WiFi – The internet sight for San Diego Unified is hidden.  To logon, go to your Settings and then Network & Internet.  When you click on Show Available Networks, that’s when you need to type into the search for networks box I21WIRELESS.  All caps I21WIRELESS.  The network will appear and ask you to join.
Scrimmages -

Full Uniform for 1st & 2nd and Transfers at clinics.  Shorts for 2nd year and transfer when working with an assigned crew.

The scrimmage uniform for crew assignments and certified & transfer officials will be the same as for warm weather youth football including black shorts w/black socks.  Bob Hood still has black socks and the supply should last us until the next Olympic games!

Scrimmage – please observe for face paint, towels, adornment, pants, jerseys (lineman!) Back pads

Crews and clinics will get film so Evaluate, and Scout week #1 games.

Equipment and Uniform Vendors – All of these vendors can be found on our webpage at www.sdcfoa.org.
Referees and Veterans Working With New Officials – Just a reminder to our veterans, please be positive and compassionate with our newest officials.  Their development comes, in a great part, from mistakes.  So, please, stay positive and constructive.  Find some positives and compliment them on those things they’re doing well.  Then blend in just a couple (maybe just two) things to work on.  One of the very best things you can do is point out something to work on in the first game, and then be able to compliment them on their improvement in those specific areas!
Mechanics Test – How’s it going.  Very straight forward.  Use your crew and your instructors to clarify questions.  Let’s “ace” this test.  Testing window closes on Sunday 8/15 at midnight.
US Veteran Patches –We proudly display the patch over the pocket and under the American Flag.  Please limit your request to 3 per veteran (maybe 2 short sleeve shirts and 1 long sleeve shirt.)  See Bob Hood if you need a patch.  Again, thank you for your service!
Three More Suggestions for Great Communication – 1) Ask don’t order – this will always put you in a superior and more professional posture.  It communicates respect to the player, coach or fan.  2) Don’t expect to have an objective conversation with a coach, player or fan!  This can help eliminate the disappointment when you get a childish, disrespectful, or inappropriate response.  Don’t let yourself expect a mature, reflective or objective response. 3) As a flank official, it is a real plus for you if you can provide information to your head coach that will help him and his team.  Obviously, time outs remaining, but what about time outs remaining for the opponents at the end of the game?  Do you have enforcement info for him as he’s deciding whether to take the penalty?  Info on players that are on the edge or a formation that is on the edge?
Video is Our Tool – In the “good old days” we’d leave the field and feel we worked a perfect game.  Very little accountability and no tools to help us re-visit our calls to see if what we thought we saw really what happened!  Now, we have HUDL.  We have the amazing opportunity to view ourselves and to determine if what I saw as “big” really was “big”?  If it is not as big as you remember, then you have a chance to re-calibrate your judgement.  You have a “tool” at your disposal.  Don’t take it lightly.  And don’t feel the need to be perfect.  We strive for perfection knowing that the best we’re going to get is excellence.  We’ll take excellence!!!
CONSISTENCY – How do we get it and keep it?” Preparation, Knowledge, and Concentration” – From Mike Weseloh PAC 12
Food for Thought:

  1. A game goes to extra periods with the score tied, 10-10. On its first possession, the home team kicks a field goal to go ahead, 13-10. On the first play of the visiting team's possession, an intercepted pass is returned for a score. What is the final score? (25-Yardline Overtime Procedure)

    1. 13-10.

    2. 15-10.

    3. 19-10.

    4. It depends whether the home team is successful on the try.

  2. K1's untouched free kick goes out of bounds. Team R chooses to take the ball at the out-of-bounds spot plus the 5-yard penalty, and requests that the ball be spotted in the middle of the field. (4-3-1)

       a. The request is granted.

       b. The request is denied

3. Airborne A1 receives a pass one yard deep in team B's end zone and is immediately contacted by B2. A1 lands on his feet at team B's one yardline,           runs and is downed at team B's five yardline. A1 would have come down in the end zone if not for B2's contact.

     Ruling: Touchdown. The ball is dead when A1 touches the ground with both feet and his forward progress is in the end zone {2-15-2, 4-2-2a, 2.15.1)

Weekly Bull 8 11 21
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