Weekly Bull 8/8/01


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  1. Attendance and CAV

  2. Announcements

  3. Food for Thought

  4. Questions 34 – 66 from the Rules Summer Study Exam

  5. Kicking Game Summary Handout

  6. Adjourn 8:30


  1. Pledge Forms are again attached to the Bull. Beginning the August 15 meeting, the Charity Fund Committee will award a prize for those that have returned a completed Pledge Form. The prize for those who have made their pledge on or before August 15th will be 4 tickets to Magic Mountain.

  2. Reminder: The Golf Tournament will be held on Nov 14th at Miramar, see Charles Washington or Robert Franceshiello for additional info.

  3. Special Umpire seminar for all who are interested – hosted by Dan Inskeep – Wed, August 22nd 7:00 right here at West Hills – Similar to the position meetings in September but a lot more time to discuss and go in depth. Just show up on the 22nd if you’re interested.

  4. The Reno Football Officials Camp has selected dates for its two June 2002 camps. Additionally, camp director Ken Rivera has added two new camps in Fresno with a high school focus. Check with Greg Covington, Sean Ciemiewicz, or Dave Fleischman for more info, or check the camp’s website at www.renofbcamp.org.

Food for Thought (Rules & Judgement):

  1. Rules exam on August 29th – be prepared!

  2. Some of the crews will be recording penalties for their games this year. The purpose is to collect data on penalties and to analyze any resulting patterns (good or bad). One suggestion is for the Line Judge to be the record keeper. What do you think?

  3. A thorough knowledge of the rules does not necessarily make a man an outstanding official, but there is no way a person can be an outstanding official without a through knowledge of the rules.

  4. The purpose of the rules is to penalize a player who, by reason of an illegal act, has placed his opponent(s) at a disadvantage, and to assure a fair contest.

  5. Proper application of the rules would suggest a common sense medium between excessive strictness and complete laxity in rule enforcement.

  6. Judgement requires a feel for the “spirit” of the rules and the ability to avoid over-technical calls.

  7. Assist players and coaches in avoiding rule infractions, but don’t coach.

  8. Don’t throw “sympathy flags”, but two or more flags on a foul is decisive when each official actually sees the foul.

  9. Don’t call fouls a long distance from your position unless you are certain of the call.


Position Meetings – will be Sept. 12th as scheduled. We have asked the following “instructional leaders” to present a mechanics summary for their assigned position:

Referee – Mike Downing

Umpire – Nathan Weiss

Head Linesman – Scott Reilly

Line Judge – John Freeman

Back Judge – Robert Franceshiello

A big “thank you” to these officials for assisting, once again with the instructional program. Each of these officials will miss out on attending other sessions so we thank them for their sacrifice. If you have suggestions for what they might include in their presentation, please talk to them. You may have seen something out there on the field that needs attention!

Bull 8 8 01
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