Weekly Bull 7/12/00


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  1. Registration (1st timers), attendance, and CAV

  2. Clinics and scrimmages

  3. Announcements

  4. Food for Thought

  5. New Rules

  6. Mechanics – 4 man

  7. Adjourn 8:30


  1. This year all examinations will be taken as an individual. The tests are more than fair, but you must study!

  2. Keep recruiting! You are the best recruiters so think of someone to bring in to the fraternity of football officials.

  3. If you have a change of address or phone number, please let Korry Belmonetz know about it immediately, and in writing!

  4. If you have a change in availability, let Jim Sibbet and the appropriate assignment secretary (Bob Duggan – South County; Brad Cowan – North County) know immediately, and in writing!

  5. If you want a copy of the association’s annual budget – see Mike Downing.

  6. Banquet Date – November 15th @ Sea World. Cost is $15.00 and payable to Robin House before and after each meeting!

Food for Thought (Mechanics):

  1. Good mechanics requires knowledge and physical execution of positions, responsibilities, coverages, and signals.

  2. A majority of critical game ratings of officials are based on poor mechanics.

  3. All positions are equally important and all officials are part of the crew. The game is either well officiated by all, or poorly officiated by all.

  4. Teamwork and cooperation is essential. This requires verbal communication, eye contact, supporting each other, and every official knowing and doing his job in harmony with others.

  5. The pre-game is very important; it sets the mood for the game, Come prepared, concentrate on the task at hand, avoid stories and improbable what ifs. Don’t invite friends, relatives, outsiders to the pre-game.

  6. The purpose of good mechanics is to place each official in the right place at the right time, so that all game action can be observed. Officials must “box in” the play as much as possible. One official mut have sideline responsibility at all times. One official must be in position to view all player action at all times, especially away from the play or ball action.

  7. Continue to officiate the dead ball action/period.

  8. Keep the game under control by being on the job. Let the players know that you are there and ready to act if needed.

  9. No inadvertent whistles; concentrate, see the ball dead by rule before you kill it; be careful when screened out, don’t guess.

  10. Know and give good, crisp, clear, proper signals.

  11. Don’t let haste interfere with good officiating, ie, never hurry an injured player back on his feet or off the field. In the event of unusual situation, stop the game, review the problem, and communicate with captains and coaches.

Crew Chiefs & Instructors:

  1. Paying Instructors

  2. Coaches cards – soon

  3. 1st and 2nd year evaluation forms – soon

  4. Sibbet

  5. Registration information – use one of the completed forms as an expapmple of how to fill it out. (CRN = *530A; Sports Officiating; Scripps Ranch; North City) Date Entered is 7/12 now!

  6. We will collect roll books tonight with the CAV’s.

7 – July 5th

Robbins – J. Downing, Norris, Aguilar, Scherer, Prather, Agee, Rodriguez, Pettengill, Covington, Goodall, Flint, K. Floquet.

Weseloh – Weseloh, Short, Wright, Galizio, M. Floquet, Miranda

Van Zant – Gunzelman, Petersen, Finnerty, Moreno, Evans, Villalpando, P. McDonald

Inskeep – Hood, Erickson, Martin, Miles, M. McDonald.

  1. Clinics and scrimmages – emphasize that the list is for scheduling their scrimmage. You must work your scrimmage. Other scrimmages are optional. If you go to another scrimmage, you are a guest..don’t expect a certain amount of work!

  2. Tests – All individual.

  3. Food for Thought – Mechanics emphasis

  4. New rules – see handout

  5. Mechanics – 1) Summary handout 2) Replacement pages 3) Mechanics highlights from manual

  6. Adjourn at 8:30

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