Weekly Bull 7/13/16


Thank you Mike Carey – We all appreciated his support and recognized his accomplishments on and off the field by our standing ovation when he was introduced!  Here are a few of the “gems” we should consider this season:

  • Improvement comes with hard work. There are no short cuts.

  • You must have a passion for the game – otherwise the hard work is too hard.

  • We must support each other and work hard on behalf of our fellow officials and our crew.

  • It’s all about the 2 hours on the field. Be prepared…then enjoy it! 

No Cost for Our Classes – There are absolutely no costs associated with registering with Grossmont Adult for our officiating classes. I received a message a few days ago stating that a charge would go to my credit card.  This is NOT happening and if you received the same message, be assured it is being sent by mistake.

1st Year and 2nd Year Classes – You will meet this Wednesday 7/13 with your regular class (Andy Castagnola or Jim Sibbet).  The 1st year officials will be meeting again in Room 110 in the science building at the front of the school.  2nd year officials will be meeting again in Room 111.  Do not attend the Pop Warner Referee Clinic…meet with your regular class – always.

Pop Warner Referee Clinic – This Wednesday 7/13 at 7:00 pm in Room 804.  This is a larger room located in the second row of classrooms from the front parking lot – on the left (north) side of the center hall.  Don Carey will be working with all referees of youth football and presenting a view of your work from the perspective of the 1st and 2nd year officials.  We all appreciate your hard work and want to validate that work and how it positively effects the development of our newest officials.  This clinic is designed as a supplemental meeting so don’t skip your regular position clinic.  But if you come up one meeting short of the required 9 meetings I will give you credit for attending this clinic – so it will count for regular attendance.

HUDL Video – New officials, we are extensive users of video and have chosen the HUDL software for this purpose.  The HUDL video can be found at www.hudl.com.  If you are new to HUDL, you will be sent an email message from HUDL which will allow you to log in and then will direct you to change the temporary password.  You will be receiving a weekly instructional video with 12-20 plays.  It is expected that you watch and study each weekly instructional video.

Week #1 Video – The week #1 video will be sent out today or tomorrow with my comments attached.  The plays are taken from our SDCFOA State Championship crew which included Brad Yosick, Ed Blick, Terry Bernard, Ron Gillenberg and Ted Schiess.  Enjoy!

Great Officials Demonstrate Great Mechanics! – The 2016 Mechanics Summer Study is a selection of those areas where we have an opportunity to improve our overall consistency within and between crews.  My advice to all officials is for you to take the summer study guide (all 10 pages) and a highlighter and read through the document highlighting those areas that you think will be good things to work on and implement with consistency!  Bring that highlighted document to the next meeting as our instructors will be doing the same thing and bringing those items that they’ve highlighted.  Remember, it is the compilation of all of the “small things” that cumulatively make us outstanding practitioners of solid mechanics – every game – every play!

We are already demonstrating great mechanics!  Now…Let’s Get Better! - Steve

July 13 2016
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