Weekly Bull 8/19/15


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The Weekly Bull – 8/19/15 

Tonight’s Agenda

  1. Attendance

  2. Weekly Bull

  3. Rules Study (Rules 1-5) or Fed. Exam Part I (questions 1-50)

  4. Instructional Video


  1. Al Cordice – As many of you know, Al Cordice suffered a severe stroke and is being cared for at Scripps Hospital in La Jolla.He is in the ICU and is restricted from having visitors.  Darren Alcalay reports that as of last Wednesday 8/12, Al is no longer on a ventilator and is able to speak and move, although movement on his left side is still quite restricted.  He is coherent and communicative.  His progress from last Tuesday to Wednesday was remarkable and let’s hope we continue to get good reports as we pray for Al’s recovery.   

  2. New Rules to Lower Level Coaches – I’ve emailed a copy of the new rules for 2015 to the head coaches in an effort to get them to communicate them to their lower level coaches (JV and Frosh). That communication does not always happen so be prepared to calmly communicate any new rules that are enforced in a game situation.  Don’t be arrogant about it, or frustrated that these lower level coaches were not communicated with.  Just let them know that it’s a new rule and move on.  Trust me; they will bring it up with their other coaches!

  3. Fees – The game fees are the same. This is the final year of our 3-year agreement:

Varsity Referee – $74

Other Varsity Officials (4) – $72

JV Referee – $62

Other JV Officials (3) – $61

Frosh (all 4) - $61

  1. Out-of-Town Teams – Teams visiting San Diego may be coming from another part of CA or they may be coming from another state! What differences must we add to our pre-game information? 

  • Our strict interpretation of Free Blocking Zone and BBW while offense is in shotgun. The ball leaves the free blocking zone immediately so a BBW would have to be extremely quick….

  • The 25-yard line tie breaker MUST be used if the game ends in a tie (we do not use the 10-yard tie breaker from the NFHS rule book

  • In CA, a player who exhibits signs, symptoms and behaviors consistent with a concussion will not be allowed to participate for the rest of the game. NFHS rule book allows the player to continue with a doctor’s note.

  • I will try to convey this info to the other teams asap so they are not upset in some way during pre-game meeting.

  1. Scrimmages and Hudl – We should be seeing some scrimmages showing up on HUDL (in my Library). I will send those games to the crews that worked them.  Crew Chiefs, have you selected your crew member who is responsible for video (maybe it’s you).  It is helpful if you build your crew in HUDL.  Please identify your crew as 2015 (ie. Coover Crew 2015).  Call me (or have your video guy call me) or Jon Cima if you need assistance.

  2. Scrimmage Socks – Reminder: 2nd year and certified members will wear white crew length socks to their scrimmage(s).

  3. Starting Saturday for Youth Games Only – Optional Hot-Weather Youth Football uniform only: Black coaching/referee shorts w/belt, quarter length black socks. The socks shall be NIKE cushion Quarter sock (DRI-FIT & Moisture Management) Model # SX4835-001 ONLY. Assigned Referee notifies the crew of the option & ALL must be uniform. Shorts may not be worn on or after November 1st or for any Youth Football playoff games. 

Food For Thought

  1. Scrimmages; Post-Game – This week we participate in scrimmages. Use this time wisely and prepare yourself to work the season opener next week PLUS prepare each other to work as a team, a crew!  One of the best ways to improve during the time between scrimmages and week #1 game is to have a long and thorough post game following the scrimmage.  Take notes during the scrimmage, everyone!  Then, over a cold beverage and some delicious food, discuss each situation at length.  Let’s get dialed in for the season opener!!!!

  2. Correcting an Improper Down – Much discussion has occurred regarding this new rule and all of the possible errors that could be made, and when to correct and replay, and when to correct and play on. The final decision on this lies with the referee.  The referee has the authority to disregard a play (5th down for example) and revert play back to the previous down (the end of 4th down).  But what if the offense came up short on 5th down?  If the yardage gained was insignificant the referee can choose to just play on.  Ball goes over to the defense at the dead ball spot following 5th down and we play on.  If the 5th down gain was 10 yards, but still short of the line to gain, then the referee may exercise his authority to disregard the down and place the ball at the end-of-4th-down dead ball spot and give possession to the defense.  There are so many possibilities that I suggest we have this decision being made on the field by the person best prepared to make a fair and equitable decision, the referee!  Each game and each situation will present a different set of circumstances necessitating the proper assessment and judgement of the referee.  But most importantly, don’t let this happen in the 1st place!  Referees and Head Linesmen make eye contact and confirm next down on every play!  All crew members must have a systematic dead ball and pre-snap routine that includes down and distance.  No exceptions!!!

  3. Communication (from Mike Weseloh presentation 8/12/15) – Our Crew Chiefs are the “Backbone the SDCFOA!” When we work to continually improve our preparation and performance in every aspect of our game, it is the crew chiefs who lead this effort.  So, when we work to be the most professional, personable, and effective communicating crew, it is the crew chief who drives us forward.  Remember: 1st impressions are lasting and we only have one chance to make a good 1st  And how do we communicate ourselves to coaches as they obtain that 1st impression?  15% of that first impression is from our WORDS.  30% of it is from our TONE.  And 55% of it is from our BODY LANGUAGE!  Consider the following:

    1. Appearance

    2. Posture

    3. Uniform

    4. Fitness

    5. Signals

    6. Hustle

    7. Efficiency

    8. Positive Attitude

    9. Credibility

    10. Professionalism

  4. Legal Handing of the Ball – When can a team legally hand the ball backwards? To whom?  When can a team legally hand the ball forward?  To whom?  There are times handing the ball forward or backward comes into play in an instant and you must be ready to rule on the legality of the action.  Examples: forward or backward handoff following the reception of a free kick; forward or backward or passing the ball on a fly sweep; and then there’s the attempt to hand the ball forward to a guard!

  5. Definition of a Lineman – A lineman is any A player who is facing his opponent’s goal line with the line of his shoulders approximately parallel thereto and with his head or foot breaking an imaginary plane drawn parallel to the line of scrimmage through the waist of the snapper when the ball is snapped. Rule 7-2-5 states that there must be seven offensive players on their line of scrimmage. Catch this early in the game.  Warn the players and inform the head coach.  Then penalize.

  6. Helmet Add Ons – Protective shells added to the outside of helmets are legal. It is up to the user to know whether or not the helmet certification has been voided due to the change.  Officials are not obligated to know about any changes in certification unless informed by NFHS.  The have been no such notices.

  7. Plays for Penalty Enforcement – As we dig deeper into the rule book these next two weeks, I will attempt to remind us all of some of the critical elements of penalty enforcement starting with the proper reporting to the referee the type of play (which should be our first bit of information we present to our referee if there is a foul.

A loose-ball play is action during:

  1. a free kick,

  2. a scrimmage kick,

  3. an illegal kick,

  4. a legal forward pass,

  5. a backward pass (including the snap),

  6. a fumble made by the offense from in or behind the neutral zone prior to a change of team possession

  7. all runs which precede such legal or illegal kick, legal forward pass, backward pass, or fumble.

A running play is any action not included in the definition of a loose-ball play.

The enforcement spot for a loose ball play is the previous spot.

The enforcement spot for a running play is the end of the related run.

The end of the related run is:

  1. Where the ball becomes dead in the runner’s possession

  2. Where the runner loses possession if his run is followed by a loose ball

  3. The spot of the catch or recovery when the momentum rule is in effect.

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