Weekly Bull 8/17/20


THE WEEKLY BULL - August 17, 2020

Attendance So Far – We’ve been very pleased with the attendance at our crew instructional meetings.  This design allows us the most flexibility and accountability.  I continue to check in with some of the crew chiefs to get feedback which is overwhelmingly positive.  Keep up the great work!  

1st & 2nd Year Officials – Attendance in these meetings has also been very strong!  Stay consistent in your attendance as it will all pay off when we finally get on the field.

CIF Calendar Announced – Assuming that the virus is under control and it is deemed safe to play football by the CA health officials, CA Governor, and the individual school districts, football practice will begin on December 12th.  Scrimmages will most be held Dec. 30 or 31.  Teams will then play 10 straight weeks starting January 8th (unless a school chooses to have a bye and only play 9 games).  The playoff schedule will be the same as in the past and it is listed at the end of this Bull.

Be Patient Yet Determined in Your Preparation – If you’re feeling an urgency to meet more regularly, that might be due to the frequency of our usual meeting schedule in years past.  Be patient, check your calendar and note that we’re meeting only once or twice per month until we “gear up” for the season starting December 16th when we’ll start meeting every other week during the season.

Next Crew Chief Meeting – Wednesday September 2nd at 6:00 pm (6:00 pm will now be our regular meeting time).  All certified officials can expect to meet with their crew instructional groups sometime soon after the Sept. 2nd meeting.

Umpire & Referee Clinic – Wednesday October 28th at 7:00 pm.  Zone Coverages will be discussed and video will be used to explain the concepts in more detail.  Also, “Think Like a Referee!” a topic that will benefit both umpires and referees…and the entire crew! 
US Veteran Patches – To all who have served our country in the armed services, we proudly display the US Veteran patch over the pocket and under the American Flag on our shirts.  We will pass these out, free of charge, when we get to December.  Again, thank you for your service! 

Important Dates:

Rules Test – Online test – Available Friday October 2nd – Completed by Monday October 12th

Mechanics Test – Online test - Available Monday November 9th – Completed by Monday November 16th

8-Man Championships – Saturday, March 20

Open Division Championships – Sat., April 3

DII and DIV and DV Championships – Fri., April 9

DI and DIII Championships – Sat., April 10

Alex Spanos All-Star Game – No Clue

“Through our performance we can control the perception of players, coaches and fans.  This is sometimes called ‘OPTICS’”

– Chris Coyte, PAC 12 Referee (referee for the 2019 National Championship game between Clemson and LSU)

August 17 2020
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