Penalty Codes & Documenting Fouls

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It is recommended that all certified officials note each foul that they call during a game. In most cases, the recording of the foul information cannot be completed during the dead-ball period when the crew is enforcing the foul and communicating with the sidelines. Instead, the calling official should use the next dead ball period to record their foul information.  An even better method is to have a volunteer available to record all of the crew’s fouls.  Either way, it is highly recommended that the crew completes a Foul Report for each varsity game.  A Foul Penalty Tracker Form is available on the website.

The recording of fouls greatly enhances the halftime and post-game discussions and improves the video review by the crew if the game film is available. Foul notes can be taken quickly but should not interfere with your focus on the game or dead-ball officiating.  Sometimes a BACK JUDGE will use a recording device to record all fouls for the crew.  Other times the BACK JUDGE keeps fouls for himself, the umpire and the referee.  Each official, and each crew, should develop their own technique for quickly noting their fouls.

Foul Codes have been developed to speed up the note-taking and improve consistency between officials.


DOG   Delay of game

ENC    Encroachment

FM      Grabbing face mask

FST     False start

IDP     Ineligible downfield on pass

IFH     Illegal forward handing

IFK     Illegal fair catch signal

IFP      Illegal forward pass

ILF      Illegal formation

ILM     Illegal motion

ING     Intentional grounding

ISH     Illegal shift

ISP      Illegal snap

KOB   Kick out of bounds

RNK   Running into the kicker

SLI      Sideline interference, 5 yards

SLW    Sideline Warning (no yardage)

SUB    Illegal substitution


DH      Defensive holding

IBK     Illegal block during kick

IBB     Illegal block in the back

IUH     Illegal use of hands

OH     Offense holding


BAT    Illegal batting

BBW   Blocking below the waist

CHB    Chop block

CLP     Clipping

DPI     Pass interference, defense

FMM   Personal foul, face mask

HCT    Horse collar tackle

HUR   Hurdling

IKB     Illegally kicking

ILP      Illegal participation

KCI     Kick catch interference

OPI     Pass interference, offense

RTH    Roughing the holder

RTK    Roughing the kicker

RTP     Roughing the passer

RTS     Roughing the snapper

SLM    Sideline interference

UNR   Personal foul, unnecessary roughness

UNS    Unsportsmanlike conduct

Foul Report

Foul Report
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