Weekly Bull 7/21/21

Wednesday’s Agenda
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New Rules and New Mechanics
Instructional Video
Questions from the 2021 Mechanics Summer Study Exam?
Classroom Assignments – It is common for schools to be deep cleaning classrooms over the summer break.  I want to thank you for being patient as we change classrooms…sometimes weekly.  We will end up in assigned classrooms soon.  Please stay alert for an email from me with this week’s classrooms.  Thank you for your flexibility!  I’ve attached a map for your convenience.

  • Crew Chief – Instructors Meeting 6:00 – Room 903

    1st Year Class – Room 902 (same as last week)

    2nd Year Class – Room 903 (same as last week)

    Zapolski – Room 804

    Haws – Room 803

    Starr – Room 802

    Sibbet – Room 910

    Garza – Room 908

    Bortness – Room 907

Thank you Clay Reynard Jr. and Zack Marble – Thanks to these to hard-working individuals we’re off to a great start.  Clay shared his passion for staying in the game that he loves, and embracing his competitive nature in challenging himself to be the better official on the field!  Zack’s line of scrimmage zoom was watched by over 100 of our officials and, if you missed it, Dave Garza is posting it on our website (www.sdcfoa.org).  Look under the Video Library tab.
Clinic for Back Judges - The next clinic will be Wednesday July 28th at 7:00pm on zoom.  Our guest presenter will be John Downing from the GNAC conference.  Here is the invitation to join:
SDCFOA Back Judge Clinic – Wednesday, July 28th - 7:00 PM
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 878 5266 3699
Passcode: 384963
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Pre-snap and Dead Ball Routines  – Our pre-snap and dead ball routine must be as complex and thorough as the coaches’ and players’ play-calling and pre-snap adjustments.  Are we as prepared for the snap as they are?  A good way to develop your pre-snap and dead ball routines is to consider each play in three separate parts:

  • Pre-Snap
  • Live Ball
  • Dead Ball (dead ball culminates with the movement of the down indicator – once you move that, you now begin pre-snap routine!)

Base your routine on the SDCFOA Pre-Snap Routine for each position which is located in the mechanics manual starting on Page 72.  The list provided is just that, a list.  Re-order according to your own style and crew.  Write it out!!!…Memorize it…use it every play!  Remember, it changes slightly for kicks, hurry-up offense, short yardage, end of half, end of game, etc.
From the Assignor – Make sure you accept your scrimmage assignment.  All 2nd year, transfers and certified members have received a scrimmage assignment.  Tom sent out a list of delinquent officials.  Don’t be That Guy!
Blocks in Arbiter – Assignments will be coming out soon! Don’t forget to block the dates you cannot work.  If a game comes up on a Thursday and you’re not blocked, Tom will assign assuming you are available.  A phone call or email saying you’re not available doesn’t do well for you the next time a game comes up and it’s your turn.  Conversely, if you block a Saturday and a big game comes up, you will not show up as available for that “big assignment”.  So keep your blocks honest and up-to-date!
Do you have any conflicts of interest?  Here are some possible conflicts of interest which may cause you to block yourself from working a particular school:

  1. Your alma mater – Don’t work games at your high school if you’ve graduated within the last five years.  If you still have ties to the school, were a noted athlete, or still good friends with members of the coaching staff, 10 years or longer would apply.

    Family connections – Don’t work games at a school if you have a family connection.

    Business ties – If you are employed by a school, don’t officiate that school.  Also be careful of bosses whose kids play for a particular school.

Recruiting a Retention Committee – Thank you committee, especially Gary Gittelson for his leadership and Craig Gustafson for his professional media release which was picked up by quite a few publications and media outlets including Referee Magazine.  We are closing in on 40 new officials.  Keep recruiting people!  Bring a new recruit with you to the meeting!

Gently Used Equipment and Uniforms – Every year we get a chance to update our equipment and uniform.  If you have some extra equipment or uniform pieces that are still in good shape our 1st year officials would LOVE it if you’d donate to them.
Calibration This Week! –We will only calibrate when certified classes are meeting.  Crew Chief will calibrate during the week and the results will be shared and discussed with the crew chief and instructors prior to the regular classroom meeting.  I will be sending out the calibration video along with a separate Coover Instructional video the weeks we are going to calibrate plays (regular class meetings).  This way you can view the fouls prior to going into the classroom.  This exercise has been well received by the SDCFOA and is meant to be an informative, learning experience.  Be open to new ideas, criteria, and the overall consensus! 
Food for Thought –
Here’s a correction to last week’s Bull (Food for Thought):
R1 attempts to catch a punt at his own 15 yardline. The ball bounces off his shoulder pad and is caught by K2 at team R's 13 yardline. K2 carries the ball into team R's end zone. (4-2-2f; 5-1-3f).  The answer is Team K's ball at the receiver’s 13 yardline.  The typo had the choice as Team K’s ball at their OWN 13 yardline.  UGH.  The question is teaching that Team K may recover a scrimmage kick first touched by Team R, but MAY NOT ADVANCE.

Here’s a New Question
K1 's punt lands untouched at team R's five yardline. R1intentionally kicks the ball at his own two yardline. K2 recovers the loose ball at team R's one yardline and carries it into the end zone.
Ruling: R1's kick is a foul and a muff. The ball is dead when K2 recovers it. Team K will most likely decline the penalty for the illegal kick and take possession at the spot of K2's recovery (4-2-2d and f, 8-5-1, 9-7-1, 10-4-2).  What would be the result be if Team K accepted the penalty?  Loose ball foul enforced from previous spot? 

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